English (Private Health Ins.)

Dear Friens;

Most of us do not give importance to the Private Health Insurances because we think that Social Security Institutions are enough for us. And also we think that we''ll never be ill. We support the idea that we can afford when we're ill. However, in our country , 20 million people are struggling with the chronical illnesses and hypertension. And also, in our country 6 million people have coronary hearth disease.

For example; you' ve just learned that you have an appendicitis and you need to have an operation immediately. An appendectomy costs approximataley 7000 TL ( A slipped disc operation costs 20 000 TL and a gall bladder surgery costs 12 000 TL ). If you think your health is the most valuable thing in your life, what will you do in this a situation? Do you give enough importance to you and your family in order to have a good life?

Do you go to state hospitals or to the most modern and secure hospitals where you can feel your self special? And in this kind of situation how much of the cost will be paid by your Social Security Instituation? And where will you call when you really need an ambulance urgently.

A private health insurance is a unique guaranty which protects you from the bad surprises. It helps you to afford the ambulance in a case of emergency, the doctor, operation and medical expenses.

It gives you a chance to choose the doctor and health institution that you wish. You can go to the most famous hospitals in Turkey, such as Medical Park, International Hospital, Florance Nightingale, Memorial, American Hospitals, Acıbadem, German Hospitals, Dünya Göz or you can be treated in a foreign country. In addition to its all advantages you can reduce your health insurance fee from the tax base.

When you give all your payment documents to the association that you work for or to your account, the insurance fee that you paid will be reduced from the tax base . The reducing amount can't be more that 5 % of your salary and it is limited not to exceed the yearly minimum wage.

Allianz Insurance offers its customers alot of alternatives to give them the best.


Dynamic health insurance secures an unlimited treatment in all our common association.

Besides, it pays the cost of 100 % of inpatient treatment operation, intensive care, chemotheraphy, radiotheraphy, dialyses and little surgery. It also includes the cost of birth. Our insurance policy includes the people from 0 to 65 ages. But dynamic insurance policy includes the people from 6 to 44 ages. Besides we can insure the children for 6 to 17 ages.

The cost of our insurance policy is at least 155 TL for a year. Dear friends, it' s incredible, but it' s true.

We offer you '' Dynamic Health Insurance '' . If we don' t want to worry about our children and future and if we don't want to say '' I wish'' please call us for the insurance policy application.

For the

0 - 6 years old girls : 233 TL * years old boys : 239 TL

6 - 17 years old girls : 155 TL * years old boys : 167 TL
18 - 24 years old women : 293 TL *years old men : 247 TL
25 - 34 years old women : 440 TL * years old men : 288 TL
35 - 39 years old women : 437 TL *years old men : 308 TL
40 - 44 years old women : 485 TL *years old men : 373 TL


Dear friends;
If you want to protect your health without limitations, Allianz is together with you. And it presents you a very large health insurance policy.
The people who want to apply for the insurance policy for the first time should be at most 65 years old. It pays the cost of outpatient treatment, pregnancy, birth, consultation, x-ray, lab, medicine, physical theraphy, advanced treatment techniques, vaccination at childhood and also it pays the cost of inpatient treatment, intensitive care, operation, treatment at home, radiotheraphy, chemotheraphy, little operations, dialyses, physical theraphy after the operation, medical equipment and prothesis.
Allianz pays all the costs of your treatment if you want to be treated in a foreign country.
If you think your health is the most valuable thing in life we offer you '' Unlimited Health Insurance''.
Dear friends;
Allianz also represents you family practice, vitamins, private health, vitalization and foreign health policy.
We' re proud of serving you as Cansever Insurance Ltd. Company...
You can call us or visit our office if you would like to get information about our other products. Gsm: +9 0532 315 5452 Office: 0242 311 7722
If you don' t have a chance to come to our office we can lead you a customer representative.
Health insurance is an obligation in developed countries. In Germany all the individuals must have a health insurance. And it will be the same in our country. But there are many important rules in health insurances. For example if there is an illness before the policy, the insurance policy doesn' t include it. You should get the policy before you become ill. Or you should start the policy 5 months before you get pregnant. After 1 years , arisk evoluation is done. If there isn' t a serious problem, we do not evaluate the risks in 3 years. Then we give you a lifetime guarantee. Even if the customer is cancer the insurance company must pay all the costs as long as the customer goes on paying the insurance fee.
In Health Insurance:
You can get this insurance policy by paying 50 TL for a month. Ambulance is free of charge for 24 hours. And inpatient treatment is totally paid. Allianz Cansever Insurance Ltd. Company serves you in Antalya and over Turkey...